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The beauty of Missional Communities is their diversity. No two groups are exactly the same, but they fall into four basic categories:

Neighborhood - These consist of people who live in close proximity to one other and have a heart to reach their neighborhood. 

Network - These are built around a network of relationships, like a common workplace or common school for their children. 

Need - These include people who are passionate about a common cause, like refugee care or orphan care. 

Lifestage - These include people who may or may not live close together, but who are in a similar stage of life. 

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In order for us to plug you into the best Lifestage Missional Community possible, we have two questions. 

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Missional Communities aren't just another thing to add to your life, rather, they are a support to it. We want to encourage existing circles of friends to come together and experience a deeper connection by forming a Missional Community. 

Be thinking about people you already know who you would like to invite into your Missional Community. When we follow up with you in the next few days we can talk about the ideas you have.

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